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A selection of comments and photos from our previous attendees

Courtesy ©Charlotte C, Berkshire, previous course attendee

Charlotte and her husband enjoyed the trip a lifetime to Africa during which Charlotte captured these memorable images with her Nikon D3300 and 18-300mm zoom lens. They are some of my favourites from the year....

From Charlotte: "I found the day so useful and informative...."

The topics we covered during the day included dealing with difficult lighting as well as plenty of hands-on practical work getting to grips with Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. Making better use of the camera's focusing options and some handy rules of thumb to avoid camera shake were also covered that day


To Charlotte. Thank you once more for sending us your favourite safari shots and for your kind words. I hope you enjoy your ongoing journey into photography   Mark (tutor)

Courtesy ©Duncan Gallagher, previous course attendee

Courtesy ©Julie-Anne, previous course attendee

Julie-Anne had owned her Nikon DSLR for a couple of years but always used it on the “Green” Auto mode.


In Julie-Anne’s words “I longed to know more about the camera and use it on other settings to take better shots. The “One Day DSLR Course” was perfect for me, I took my own camera and quickly learned how to use the other functions. Mark (instructor) went round the class and showed everyone individually how to use their camera......”


“I couldn't believe how much I learned in one day!!!  I wish I had done the course two years ago when I first got the camera. After the course I went on holiday to Florida and thoroughly enjoyed using my  camera......I'm hooked now!” Julie-Anne


To Julie-Anne. Many thanks for your kind words. We have included your key camera settings below your shots. Well done particularly on the high-zoom, bird shots!  Mark (tutor)

Stephen McGill recently purchased a Nikon DSLR and has been travelling in the USA, whilst enjoying getting the most from his camera. His exciting trip has taken him around Las Vegas, Death Valley, & Monument Valley. Following the trip,we received these images from him. Here are a few of his 1200+ photos. It looks like he had a great time!


Stephen kindly says of our Course, which he attended to enable him to prepare for his trip..........


”Thanks for a great course Mark - it was incredibly useful for me & I have passed on your details to some friends here........And I'll be booking onto the Photoshop Course you mentioned...... Thanks again”

Stephen McGill, Head of Gaming & Entertainment,

X Box UK (Microsoft)



Courtesy ©Stephen McGill, previous course attendee

Courtsey ©Rachel P, previous attendee

”I meant to send these ages ago... Many thanks for the DSLR Photography Course (Berkshire), it certainly helped me take some fabulous photographs. I have attached some of my favourite ones...."

Rachel P, previous attendee (Canon Dslr camera) Main DSLR Course

Courtsey  ©Anne B from London

Previous attendee on outdoor coastal DSLR photography course in Sussex

Courtsey  ©Tony L, Wiltshire, previous attendee - 3 courses

Dear Mark. A massive thank you for a very interesting and informative Lightroom CC  course.  You really listened to my past Photoshop & computer experience & took me through exactly what I wanted to achieve in a delightfully relaxed manner.  I am sure I’ll be back to you in due course to learn more advanced techniques”  © Tony L, Wiltshire


Courtesy ©Tony L, Wiltshire

Previous attendee - 3 courses (2 Lightroom courses and 1 Photoshop course)

Courtsey  ©Mark M from Nottingham, previous attendee on Main DSLR photography course

A selection of additional comments from our previous attendees

"Thanks for your time and patience" - Patricia, Henley


"Thank you for your course. I found it most enjoyable, as well as informative -not a bad combination!" Alan, Newbury


"Have never done any photo editing so have learnt a great deal - the tutor had a lot of patience" - Clare, Berkshire


"Have learnt there are many ways to improve photos"

Recent student, Berkshire


“Thanks for a useful course on Saturday - I learnt a lot”

Christina, Wiltshire


“Friendly, helpful tutor” - recent weekend course student


“It was good because not everyone was of the same standard and this did not seem to matter.

It exceeded my expectations” - Recent digital camera user


“The trainer had lots of patience”

Rrecent attendee


“I took a day’s leave to attend - well worth it” - Kevin, UK



Thank you for the course yesterday I learnt so much. Please see attached a photograph I imported today and edited using the techniques you showed me yesterday, you have before and after. I imported about 300 photos from a memory card in the D500 today using the catalogue system we discussed.

Again thanks for a very informative day, I now feel very confident in using Lightroom.


Courtesy ©John R, Wiltshire

Previous attendee - Lightroom course

Courtesy ©Susan P, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Hi Mark,

First of all, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our 1-1 course today. It was good value for me and I learned a lot. I shall send you some of the photos I expect to take, better than before....


Courtesy ©Susan P, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Previous attendee - One to One course  (Nikon camera)

All images Courtesy ©Karen B, Berkshire. Previous attendee three courses

Main DSLR Course, Photoshop Elements Editing Course, Lightroom Course

(owns several Canon camera models)

Roz has had an interest in photography for some years having owned a film camera as well as having the use of a compact digital camera. Last October she took the plunge & purchased a Canon Digital SLR. She attended one of our DSLR courses in mid February.


In her words, “Just to let you know that I had a great time on the course. You helped enormously with the finer details of using my camera, getting great shots, & also how to review photos. I really enjoyed our day”


According to Roz, the topics she found most useful were....

*Getting correct exposures & using the histogram display

* Exposure compensation

* Depth of field control & the topics on...

* Composition etc


Image ©courtesy Roz from Cornwall, prev attendee - Outdoor DSLR Course

Above image courtesy ©Stacie M, London

Previous attendee two courses:-

Main DSLR Course and

Advanced DSLR Course,

(Sony Alpha camera)

Above 12 images provided courtesy and copyright of

Celia M and Andy M (couple), London


Celia and Andy attended two courses: Outdoor Photography Course , Newbury and

Photo Editing Course, Newbury


Cameras used: Celia: Canon EOS 550d, Andy: EOS 600d



This page would not be possible without the help of our previous attendees in sending in their photos or feedback


If you are interested in sending in your photos from a previous course please don't hesitate to contact us giving details of the course and date that you attended


Alternatively, if you are interested in attending a course for the first time. please feel free to make contact and we will be pleased to help.........


Image courtesy and copyright ©Karen B, Berkshire


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